In half a day, our team (and our founder, Mpho) can share a large chunk of what we know with your team. This session covers important elements of effective presentation design, so that you won’t need us every single time there’s an important presentation:

  • How to think
  • Putting the story together
  • Killer design tips
  • Mahala online resources to use!

event support.

If you like us in your lives, why not have us at your event? We’ll be there, on the day, right behind you, to make any last-second changes and to make sure everything happens as it should. We’ve got this!

template creation.

Templates aren’t always a bad idea. If they are correctly set up, with a dash of flair and lashings or creative interpretations, they can save you a bundle, still look great and help even the most ordinary of people build a deck that isn’t dreadful. Great for events and conferences!