“ We can confidently recommend Dung Beetle Creative Studio as a reliable supplier, with experts in their field, and an appetite to deliver a good service. We are now among their growing list of happy customers and are already thinking of our next collaboration. ”
Caroline McGill
Marketing & Events Manager
“ Their work has assisted us to become an organisation of extremely high standards and we are so grateful to Dung Beetle Creative Studio for designing our 5 year Strategic Plan and Annual Report which has paved the way to us becoming one of the leading NGO's in South Africa. ”
Miss Andrews
Relationship & Communications Manager
“ Dung Beetle Creative Studio has been a supplier of presentation services and production to Carling Black Label since 2018.

I can unconditionally recommended Dung Beetle Creative Studio on the following basis: Creativity and design; Business understanding; Efficiency and deadline commitment

I have enjoyed a fruitful business relationship with Mpho and his team, and greatly value them making time to come out to me, as well as checking in from time to time on how by brand is developing. Superb and professional, and a pleasure to work with. ”
Grant Pereira
Brand Manager
“ As a creative company, we are all highly skilled in Powerpoint, and most of our strategic, design and writing teams use the programme well. However, the prowess of the Dung Beetle team outstrips our ability by far! Not only do we employ their services for our important pitch documents and our client project work, but we have also now introduced them to several of our clients directly to design and lay out their presentations.

Clients such as Alexander Forbes, Grobank, Diageo, CFAO Holdings SA (Toyota Tsusho), Volkswagen SA, Redefine, Scania, KFC and many others have been delighted with their services.

All of the designers are friendly, client focused, super professional and, above all, deliver work which is superb. They take the normal copy, graphs and images and make them something special. And, this is done on time, efficiently and within budget. ”
Michelle Caldeira
Managing Director