“Dung Beetle Creative Studio is a young, focussed, Johannesburg/Cape Town based content and design studio that takes our clients’ presentations as seriously as they do.

We use our decade of creative corporate content experience to help leaders, managers and rebels deliver a message that is slick and smart, while still being speedily executed.

We make the presentations you wish you had the time, skills and patience to make yourself!”

fast presentations should be smart and made beautifully.fast presentations should be smart and made beautifully.fast presentations should be smart and made beautifully.

the products.

Presentation Styles

There are many different styles of effective presentations, but they can be largely grouped into two distinct sets – iconographic, and hyper-visual. We are experts in using both, or a combination of the two, to drive your messaging.

We call these:

We understand the pressures of the modern working world. We have two different ways of working, for different needs, and different clients, so you can decide what suits you best. After all, you are the one who has to stand and deliver the board report on Monday…

... One is more efficient ... One is more effective.

Briefing via Meeting: Most effective.

Meeting of the minds

The more intimately we can understand your business, your purpose, your audience and the intricacies of your specific circumstances, the better we can structure and make visual slides to augment your message.

This is best done as a discussion - in person, or over Zoom.

It may take a little longer, but the end results are worth it.

Briefing via Upload: Most efficient

Online works just fine

Timelines and budgets don’t always allow for personal meetings, catch-ups or brainstorms. Dung-Beetle CS works with many clients across the world solely via the wonders of the internet.

This can be handled via email or uploads.

You send us your existing deck, provide some direction and insight and, in the shortest possible time, we’ll send you something remarkable in return.

the lateral expansion.

We genuinely love what we do - but how do we do it? With skill, years of training and experience and a jolly-good attitude! Also, our process, outlined below for your infotainment:

What needs to be said loudest, and what doesn’t need to be said at all?
What is the best order for the messages to appear in, to tell the best story?
Where can we simplify the on-screen content, so the audience aren’t overloaded?
What is the best, most-visual way to demonstrate data, an idea or a nugget of content?
How do we give the audience just the right amount of content to stimulate the discussion that follows?
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supplemental products.

  • training.

    Teach a man to fish? Exactly. We can train your team!

  • event support.

    We’re there, live, when you need us – every step of the way

  • template creation.

    Custom conference and corporate designs for consistent execution


We are lucky enough to have great clients in almost all industries.

We work hard to grow relationships because, as our customers will tell you, the more we know about their strategy, their brand, their needs, their likes and dislikes, the speedier and sexier we can make each new presentation.